The Guided Tour, Inc. founder - IRV SEGAL, DCSW
Director Emeritus

Irv Segal, the late founder and director of The Guided Tour, Inc. was a pioneer in the development of social and recreation programs for special populations. From 1965 to 1975, he was the executive director of one of the nation’s first social and recreation programs for adults with developmental challenges. In 1998 the mayor of Philadelphia, Ed Rendell, declared June 5th “Irv Segal Day” in the City of Brotherly Love. In 1999 Pennsylvania’s Montgomery County Office for Mental Health/Mental Retardation presented Irv with the prestigious Betty Linker Award in recognition for his lifetime achievement serving persons with developmental challenges. During his life Irv also spoke throughout the world about developmental challenges, and was active in many local and national professional organizations.


The Guided Tour, Inc. director - ARI SEGAL

Ari Segal joined his father full time at The Guided Tour in 1986. In 1990 Ari received his Master’s in Social Work Administration. Together, Ari and Irv brought many wonderful ideas and innovations to The Guided Tour. In addition to directing The Guided Tour, Ari also directs Camp Lee Mar, a leading camp for children and teenagers with special needs located in the beautiful Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania. In 1998 Ari and his wife Abby welcomed Zachary into their family. Zachary, the oldest of Ari and Abby’s three children, has special needs and was a camper at Lee Mar. Zachary has enhanced Ari’s first-hand knowledge as to what other parents of special needs children experience. Zachary has reinforced Ari’s mission of providing a growth-producing, memorable life experience for children and adults with special needs.


The Guided Tour, Inc. staff - LYNSEY TROHOSKE

Lynsey has worked for The Guided Tour since 1999. She works primarily in the office arranging and coordinating our exciting vacations. Over the years Lynsey has been on almost all of our wonderful vacations, but one trip Lynsey never misses is The Guided Tour’s Adult Resort held at Camp Lee Mar in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. We can’t thank Lynsey enough for all she does to make our unique program such a success!


The Guided Tour, Inc. staff - JON FASH

Jon Fash has been our administrator for many years. While Jon’s formal preparation for working at The Guided Tour was at the University of New Haven, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications, his informal beginnings occurred during high school when his good friend Ari invited him to join in on several Guided Tour trips. Jon continued working these special needs trips throughout college. What began as a summer job became the career that Jon decided to pursue. We feel very fortunate to have Jon Fash as part of The Guided Tour, where he has spent over 25 years enhancing the lives of adults with special needs.